The main italian textile clothing buying office, in Turkey since 1980

Comab was established in Italy in 1977 and has been operating in Turkey since 1980. Over the years the liaison office, based in Istanbul, has grown and become the operational base and fulcrum of all activities.
More than 20 people work in this office, including merchandisers and quality controllers, dedicated  to contacting customers, updating progress and performing factory quality controls. Activities related to research and assistance on logistical issues and documentation related to shipments are also carried out on a daily basis.

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Turkey has a unique geographic location, between Europe and Asia and the Bosphorus represents a strategic connection between Black Sea and Marmara Sea.

It is the fifth largest producer of cotton and textile exporter in the world and boasts a complete, integrated and quality supply chain: the presence of Turkish products is constantly growing on the world market.

Italy also represents a very important trading partner for Turkey in various sectors, ranking second in Europe and fifth in the world.

  • A population of more than 80 million inhabitants, a third of which live in the 3 largest cities: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir
  • Turkey has been a presidential republic since 2017, with Ankara as its capital.
  • The state is secular and the prevailing religion is Islam.
  • The current official currency is the Turkish lira.
  • The time difference between Turkey and Italy is +1 during the summer and +2 during the winter.
  • Turkey has been part of the European Customs Union since 1996: therefore there are no quotas or duties.


At work in our Istanbul office

Our office is based in Istanbul, with more than 20 collaborators and research managers to follow all production processes.


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